How Can We Help

At Gamble Gaunt & Mole LLP, we guide clients on their financial journey through the stages of their life. We do this by getting to know what you want out of life and what the financial requirements might be to achieve these goals. We offer whole of market advice.

Such goals are rarely achieved by accident, more usually by design. We create a plan for your journey that anticipates and caters for key events along the way.

We keep working with you to review and refine your plan ensuring it remains relevant as circumstances arise during your journey.

We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand our clients and tailor our advice regarding financial, investment and service solutions to match their unique needs and wants.

Who do we serve best?

We best serve people who:

  • Have little time and expertise to manage their financial affairs.
  • Are seeking expert financial advice and/or investment management.
  • Want help to create and maintain a financial plan to make the most of their hard
    earned money.
  • Need a sounding board.
  • Want the discipline of a regular review of their finances.
  • Are seeking a sense of control, peace of mind and financial freedom.
  • Regard service and a trusted relationship as being key to working with your
    financial adviser.

We deal in many Specialist areas, including:

  • Investment & Savings Planning and Strategies.
  • Retirement Planning.
  • Retirement Options.
  • Pension Sharing Order Cases.
  • Family Protection.
  • Business Protection.
  • Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning.
  • Mortgages – Commercial* & Residential.

Selecting the Right Solutions

As a firm of Independent Financial Advisers, when recommending solutions and associated products, we are able to review the whole financial services market to ensure our clients benefit from a “best of breed” approach in everything we do.This brochure is designed to help you understand how we work as financial advisers and the value we seek to deliver to all our clients.

* Commercial Mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

We trust you have found the information in this document helpful and interesting.If you would like to have an informal discussion about the services we offer, please contact us using any of the options given below as we will be delighted to hear from you.

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